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  1. Make all data readable through the API  ·  Accepting Votes

  2. Data Studio: Compare different time intervals - i.e. years  ·  Accepting Votes

  3. Include specific status code filtering in the data studio alongside other parameters  ·  Accepting Votes

  4. All Data Studio widgets available in dashboards and reports  ·  Delivered

  5. Enable access of historical high resolution data from the API.  ·  In Development

  6. Include option to add data signals to status logs  ·  Delivered

  7. Flagging of user changed categories and default categories of exported data  ·  Archived

  8. Data Studio / Reporting Graphs - Change Axis and Colours  ·  Delivered

  9. Export analyses from Data Studio and data export tool as pdf and powerpoints  ·  Accepting Votes

  10. Data Studio - Convenient Time Interval Selector  ·  Accepting Votes

  11. Reports: Add Power Curve Filters that are available in data studio to reports  ·  Delivered

  12. Filter data based on time of day  ·  Accepting Votes

  13. Enable filter in Data Studio for WT-types  ·  Accepting Votes

  14. Export Data: Device Access - Site access and Task Records to Excel  ·  Archived

  15. Make it possible to view Alerts in Data Studio  ·  Accepting Votes

  16. Export weather forecast data  ·  Accepting Votes

  17. data studio zoom  ·  Accepting Votes

  18. Make Data Studio Option available from the Monitor Dashboard Widgets  ·  Delivered

  19. Data Studio: Export to Excel or CSV format  ·  Accepting Votes

  20. Proper calculation of time-base availability when data is missing  ·  Accepting Votes

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